Friday, 23 November 2007

Gym Progress

As you may have noticed, work has started on creating the new gym on the first floor of Maple Lodge. It's obvious that things are being ripped out of the first floor but we thought you'd like to see what's being added!

The first picture looks into the area that will contain the studio, changing rooms and treatment room. In the centre of the picture, you can see the area that was originally intended to be a space for a stairway from the ground floor which is now being filled in to create more floor space (this was done yesterday - 22 November). The studio will be on the left hand side of the picture as you look at it.

The second and third pictures are of the new gym area. The second looks into the gym space from the french doors at the Mayflower Park end of the Lodge. From left to right, the openings are for Dennis and Sean's new office space; a new storage cupboard, and the entrance to the gym from the stairs and lift.

The third photo looks into the gym space from a slightly different angle.

As you can see, there has been fairly rapid progress. We are now finalising arrangements for the new equipment which will be added to our existing stuff. At the moment we are anticipating a completion date around the last week of January. I will get Sean to add some more information here shortly, but I am sure you will agree, this is an exciting development!

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