Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Don't Cr@p On Your Own Doorstep

Or mine come to that.

Now as a discerning reader of this blog, I know that you're not responsible for letting your dog foul the Hamptons, but it seems that someone is. Since the start of the year there have been at least three incidences of dog fouling on the verge on Lewiston Close. Not cleaning up after your dog is an offence, extremely unhygienic and, of course, anti-social.

If you happen to spot anyone not cleaning up after their dog, please let Dennis (or the Council)know and we can tackle to problem at source.

The contact details for the dog warden service at Sutton can be found here:

If you are having similar problems outside your home please let the residents association know ( so that we can take action.

If you are in any doubt about the health hazard posed by dog faeces...check this out:


Chris said...

I dont think that is dogs fouling because i have seen Foxes on Green Lane and in the Hamptons on Beaumont Drive. And also on the parkland i havent seen one bit of dog foul, so i doubt it would be a dog and oweners of dogs from outside the Hamptons should be picking it up anyway.

hamptons blogger said...

the foxes will certainly be fouling but the size and freshness of the droppings would suggest a rather larger animal than a fox unfortunately

The Brinkster said...

We're seeing the same thing on Brinkley Road so it's probably related.

Thanks for the link to the animal warden.


The Brinkster

Christopher said...

there is actually a cat that comes round Beaumont Drive and fouls on the front gardens of peoples house, you cant miss it it is a grey dirty looking rat/cat.