Tuesday, 9 February 2010

I Read the News Today...

Well, well, it seems that the demise of the notice window in the Lodge has spawned the birth of a new notice board on the lawns outside Maple Lodge.  I am guessing that this will now contain all of the news on the latest goings on at the Hamptons and the latest information from the residents' association.  I believe that there is a similar board besides Priors Barn.  If anyone ever reads this, perhaps they can let me know - it's a bit of a trek for my tired old legs.

Thanks to Bob and the chaps from our landscape people for their efforts in erecting the board in less than clement conditions.

Great stuff.

Don't forget to check it out as you pass.


kingshill billy said...

brilliant to see the blog up and running!

As a WP resident just outside the promised land I've always wondered what goes on on the other side of that mysterious entrance driveway.

hamptons blogger said...

thanks Billy - this will, inevitably, be very Hamptons focussed and in general not of much interest to anyone. But if it means you take a few steps along the mysterious driveway to see what all the fuss is about then it's achieved something