Thursday, 8 November 2007

Service Charge Surgery

CEM have received a number of questions in relation to the latest service charge demands and we felt that it would be beneficial for a surgery session to be held at which people could resolve any queries that they might have quickly and efficiently. Kylea Martin from CEM will therefore be available in Maple Lodge between 4.30pm & 8.30pm on Monday 12th November 2007 to meet with people individually.

If you would like to see Kylea please respond to this e-mail with your availability and she will contact you to book a time slot. In addition she will also be happy to schedule telephone slots for those who are unable to make the proposed sessions at Maple Lodge.

We are obviously aware that 12th November is also the deadline for payment but CEM will accept that if people have valid queries and book a slot with Kylea to discuss these, then penalties will not be applied to their account assuming that balances are settled as soon as they have met/spoken with Kylea.

Kylea can be contacted by e-mail ( or telephone ( 020 7462 8028) to book a slot/call.

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